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Got goals? Questions? A desire to create for children? SCBWI AK is here to help.

For many of us, carving out time to write or illustrate can be a challenge. We’ve got jobs, kids, partners, parents, and commitments. But sit down we must. For some of us, if we don’t carve out that time for our craft, we don’t feel complete. Or maybe we feel frenetic with unrequited ideas bouncing around in our heads. Others don’t give themselves the time, always finding there is something else more important. Almost everyone doesn’t feel they have enough time to do all the things they want to do.

Meissner-Summer-Jump-250w How can we allow ourselves time for art when there are so many more practical things to be done? How can we not, when we know the value of nurturing children through stories? When we know how important books were to us when we were an awkward teenager?

SCBWI can help you improve your craft. We can help you set goals, and meet them. We can open doors—personal and professional—so that you can be the creative person you want to be.

Image credit: "Summer Jump," by Amy Meissner. Come on. Take the leap and join us!