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Alaska Author Flash Interview: Jen Funk Weber

To celebrate Alaska Book Week 2015, we held flash interviews with our kidlit authors. Check out their answers to five quick, brilliant, and insightful (ahem) questions.

Jen Funk WeberName: Jen Funk Weber

Location: GlacierView

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You’re making a float based on one of your books for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What do you do?

My float would be an AK scene with all sorts of animals signs (hare-chewed willows, bear screatches on trees, a big eagle nest, etc.), hidden animals that might be visible from one vantage point, and then joke signs which interpret the idea of "animal signs" literally. For instance, a barber pole with a sign saying "Hare cuts." A dropped antler with a sign that says "$ale: Half off."

The main character for your next book is a dessert. Yes, the yummy after-dinner thing. What dessert is it?

Blueberry buckle. For one thing, that's my signature dessert, made with blueberries I pick at my house. But the name "buckle" appeals to my love of word play; surely something fun can be made of that.

What’s an Alaska person or place or situation or theme you’d like to write and/or illustrate a book about?

Life in the Bush. Not village life, but a family that lives far from the nearest neighbor. I've lived like this, and I'd love to share that experience.

A celebrity falls in love with your book and sings its praises on a tv show, thus making you rich, famous, beautiful, smart, physically fit, etc. Who is this celebrity and what is the show?

I'll have to go with Stephen Colbert and The Late Show, but I hope he'll come to AK and film the segment at my house. I'll make blueberry buckle.

What Alaska wildflower represents your work in progress?

Fairy slipper. It's an early bloomer, often occurring alone. It's small and nearly impossible to find when it's not blooming, so you've got to make an effort and pay attention. It's easy to overlook, but if you zoom in, you'll see something pretty spectacular.