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Children's Book Writers
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Illustration Contest 2023



The Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators in Alaska, Alaska Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and the Alaska Writers Guild

has an



We need graphics for our Annual Alaska Fall conference.

Deadline: May 1st, 2023

Open to: Anyone!


Guidelines for Images:

We need one image or a set of cohesive images that can be used for posters, program cover, postcard, and website banners.


Images should be:

1) In color and able to be transferred and look good (clear and bright) in black and white. Why? The program will be in black and white but the poster and website banner will be in color. (See previous winning graphics below.)

2) Appeal to authors of adult AND children’s books. This is a specific market and the work needs to be tailored to appeal to adult writers, as well as children’s writers.

3) Fit the Alaskan theme.  This can mean images with Alaskan animals, Northern Lights, etc., or if any of that fails to inspire, you can make up your own theme and knock our socks off.

4) Please leave room for text! Each image will have text put on it. Picture the program, and how it will need to have the words “Fall Writers Conference.” If there is no room for us to add text, we can’t use your image.

5) Prize: Free registration to the conference itself AND you may choose from the following: a free membership for one year (with any of the participating organizations: SCBWI, AWG, or Alaska RWA) or a free manuscript or portfolio critique at the fall conference with an attending professional (can be a written critique for those who can’t attend the conference).


Submission specs:

1) Email to

2) Attach file either as psd (PhotoShop files), Jpg, png, or tiff

3) Save your file name “LastName_Conference1”

4) Number multiple submissions

5) Use the subject line “Alaska Conference Illustration Contest”

6) Posters should be 11 inches X 17 inches (with room for text).

7) Program cover images should be 8 ½ by 11 inches (with room for text).

8) Postcard images should be 5 X 7 inches (with room for text).

9) All images should be 300 dpi RGB (if images are for the web) or CMYK (if images are for print).


We reserve the right to not choose any submissions and not award someone this prize. However, when you submit to the contest, we may still seek permission to use your graphics on the website at a later date with remuneration.

2022 Winning Picture from Denise Gallagher

2020 Winning Picture from JD Donnelly


2019 Winning Picture from Counsel Langley

2018 Winning Picture from Ken Lamug


How the picture was used in our Conference Poster


How the picture was used in our Conference Program Cover
(in black and white)